Anaheim, 2019

Ladue Publications students have the opportunity to attend 2 national conventions each year.

The fall national convention takes place in November and it typically in the midwest/east coast of the country. The spring national convention takes place in April and is typically on the west coast of the country.

Spring Kansas City, Mo. (April 4-6)
Fall Washington, D.C. (Nov. 14-17)

Spring San Francisco (April 20-22)
Fall Boston (Nov. 2-5)

Spring Los Angeles (April 7-9)
Fall St. Louis (Nov. 10-13)

Fall Philadelphia (Nov. 11-14) VIRTUAL

Student Media Contests

All students attending the National Convention will compete in the National Student Media Contests.

City Experiences

Students will get to experience the host city via different activities, group dinners, tours, escape rooms, and museums.

Publication Feedback

Students will get feedback and tips on how to improve the newspaper and yearbook from professionals and advisers from all over the country.